What are the advantages of using 6oz fiberglass cloth in the construction industry?

 2022-10-24 | View:142

With the rise of the construction industry, there are often a lot of wall cracks or structural quality problems, and the appearance of 6oz fiberglass cloth just to solve this problem. That's why it's so important to choose a good fiberglass cloth, which not only makes the walls stronger but also gives them a good variety of functions and characteristics; the following is a detailed description of the benefits of using fiberglass in building walls.

fiberglass cloth

1. 6oz fiberglass cloth can effectively prevent wall cracking.

6oz fiberglass cloth is a kind of mesh product made of high-strength glass fiber yarn, which can be used in the wall of the building to play an effective role in fastening and can prevent the wall from cracking in the long-term wind, rain, and Sun. And because of the unique network structure and characteristics of the glass fiber cloth, it can be the wall of other materials tightly linked together to avoid the problem of abnormal cracking.

2. 6oz fiberglass cloth can effectively reduce noise.

Indoor noise has a direct relationship with the wall. The process of decoration of the wall can play a good role in noise reduction and can effectively enhance indoor quiet and comfort.

3. 6oz fiberglass cloth can effectively heat the room.

Especially in winter, indoor insulation is particularly important; glass fiber cloth with good insulation performance put inside the wall will effectively help the room will not to heat out.

4. 6oz fiberglass cloth is a useful barrier to electricity.

As we all know, any building wall with a lot of wire can not avoid the phenomenon of electricity leakage, resulting in accidents. The glass fiber cloth has good insulation, which may prevent this kind of phenomenon the occurrence to a great extent.

5. The 6oz fiberglass cloth can effectively enhance the quality of the wall.

With the passage of time, in order to prevent serious quality problems in the wall, the initial construction process should pay attention to the use of good quality fiberglass cloth. After all, the wall has a certain settlement. In order to avoid the long-term use of a variety of safety and quality hazards, adding glass fiber cloth can enhance the load-bearing capacity of the wall and can also play a reinforcing role so that the wall is easier to construct.

To sum up, this material is widely used because of the role of fiberglass cloth in the wall of the construction industry.