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Filter Bag application
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Filter bag

The dust bag is the heart of the bag dust collector during operation. Usually, a cylindrical pulse filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. Some large particles of dust are separated by inertia and fall directly into the ash hopper. Dust-containing gas enters the filter bag filter area of the box. Most of the dust is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag, and clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material , and then discharged from the air outlet. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag and prevent the filter bag from collapsing. At the same time, it helps to remove and redistribute the dust cake.


1 Good temperature resistance, up to 260 degrees.

2. Wear-resisting, bending and bending resistance, better folding resistance.

3. Mechanical strength increased significantly.

Initial resistance and running resistance are reduced.

5. Improve filtration efficiency.

6. filter wind speed up.

7. the service life was significantly improved.

8. The adaptability of dust is improved.

Filter Bag material


1) Mining

2) Cement Industry

3) Iron and Steel Industry

4) Aluminum and Non Ferrous Industry

5)Flour Mills (Applications under dry conditions up to temperatures of 150°C)

Filter Bag application



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