How to choose a high-quality 6oz fiberglass cloth manufacturer

 2022-11-07 | View:114

With the development of society,6oz fiberglass cloth is widely used in mica tape, glass fiber tape, the aircraft industry, the shipping industry, the chemical industry, the military industry, sporting goods, and other fields because of its good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength. Therefore, choosing a high-quality 6oz fiberglass cloth manufacturer can help you make high-quality products.

fiberglass cloth

1. Qualification and scale. First, we must choose a brand with many years of operation, brand strength, and industry influence to ensure the timely delivery of products and quality assurance. Generally, strong fiberglass manufacturers have large workshops, occupy a large area, have the most advanced equipment and instruments, and have well-stocked warehouses with surplus goods.

2. Products. The main raw material of fiberglass fabric generally includes glass fiber material. When customers choose 6oz fiberglass cloth, they are usually only interested in whether the glass fiber is pure. It is important to know that the manufacturing process of 6oz fiberglass cloth varies greatly from factory to factory. However, only those indicators such as tear resistance, explosion resistance, sunlight resistance, adhesion, color fastness, flame resistance, fire resistance, easy to cut but high strength, etc., can be considered as qualified 6oz fiberglass cloth and must meet the standards.

3. Price. Since the price of 6oz fiberglass cloth is directly related to the price of the material in the market, so generally speaking, the price performance of 6oz fiberglass cloth at a certain stage is relatively stable. Usually, the price of high-quality 6oz fiberglass cloth is higher than that of poor-quality fiberglass. Poor quality 6oz fiberglass cloth usually uses silk with relatively low composition content and low-end powder used in powder. This kind of 6oz fiberglass cloth is not as good as high-quality 6oz fiberglass cloth in terms of flame retardant effect, strength, material, color, and service life. Therefore, when purchasing 6oz fiberglass cloth, customers should not ignore the quality of the product for the sake of cheap.

4. After-sales. Strong fiberglass manufacturers have advanced equipment in many industries. On the day of purchase, they will replace them quickly and free of charge due to damaged product quality.Our company is a 6oz fiberglass cloth manufacturer integrating research and development, production, and sales, always pursuing value for customers. Welcome to our company!