Advantages of fiberglass woven fabric

 2022-06-06 | View:738

Fiberglass woven fabricis a kind of geosynthetics that is composed of glass fiber and short fiber needle-punched non-woven fabric. Fiberglass woven fabric is a kind of inorganic nonmetal material with excellent performance, which is mainly composed of glass fiber and needle-punched nonwoven fabric. The main advantages of fiberglass woven fabric are as follows:

fiberglass woven fabric

1. Fiberglass woven fabric has a good covering function, suitable for all kinds of surfaces, effectively covering the defects of old and new walls, to ensure uniform surface structure and color.

2. Fiberglass woven fabric has strong tensile strength, which can effectively prevent the wall from cracking and strengthen the wall. With high-quality paint, the surface does not accumulate static electricity, does not produce scale dead angle, easy to clean. The strict surface sizing treatment makes the wall cloth clean and flat, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, can prevent the breeding of microorganisms or parasites, and is also a kind of reinforcing material.

3. The open gap of organization structure is beneficial to the natural diffusion of water vapor and promotes the regulation of indoor climate.

4. Non-smooth fiberglass woven fabric surfaces reduce noise.

5. Repeatability is good, saves trouble, easy construction, green environmental protection, safety environmental protection, decorative effect is good, rich texture.

6. Fiberglass woven fabric plays the role of reinforcement and drainage in the road, Water Conservancy, and environmental protection projects.

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