Common applications of Fiberglass tape

 2022-06-13 | View:644

Fiberglass tapehas excellent tensile strength, friction resistance, high-temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, flame resistance, and other characteristics. Because Fiberglass tape is soft and tear-resistant, it is not easy to deform. It is suitable for sticking on the surface of various profiles to protect them. Fiberglass tape is moisture resistant and does not lose its adhesive properties when exposed to water. It can be operated in a vertical view without fear of prolonged use of the sealing tool and moisture. Today I'd like to introduce you to some common applications.

Fiberglass tape

First of all, the metal-heavy, steel bandage, due to the unique characteristics of Fiberglass tape, tensile strength and can be used in place of rope. The second one is the usual packing, sealing, and so on, but Fiberglass tape is probably an upgrade of cellophane tape, which is in 2.0 or 3.0, so it's a strong packing, it's an auxiliary packing, it's sticky, it Non-degumming, long-term use of non-residual glue. The third is the furniture, tooling fixtures, links, strength, and toughness, pull constantly, strong and durable. The fourth is the large electrical fixture, Fiberglass tape adhesive, tensile wear resistance, in large electrical handling process to seal them to prevent open is excellent, but also reble. Fiberglass tape is also widely used in interiors, home appliances, and luxury cars.

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