Production Technology and application of 33gsm fiberglass cloth

 2022-05-10 | View:18

33gsm fiberglass cloth is manufactured from glass fibers made from a variety of mineral materials and inorganic nonmetallic materials. The 33gsm fiberglass cloth is mechanically strong, heat resistant, and corrosion resistant, it also absorbs a lot of shock energy, so the 33gsm fiberglass cloth has a wide range of applications and is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

33gsm fiberglass cloth

33gsm fiberglass cloth raw material glass fiber has two production processes: crucible wire drawing method and pool furnace wire drawing method, most of the current market is using pool furnace wire drawing method. Fiberglass has gradually replaced steel, wood, and other traditional materials, and 33gsm fiberglass cloth can also be divided into fine and roving yarns, which are yarns with a diameter of fewer than 10 microns, mainly used in electronics, industry, such as textile and electronics department, Electronic Component Printed circuit board, Fire Curtain, etc. . Coarse sand, which is more than 10 microns in diameter, needs to be reworked first and is divided into direct and ply yarns. 33gsm fiberglass cloth is also divided into nonwoven and textiles, which are nonwoven and can be made into fiberglass mats. Fiberglass is the more common 33gsm fiberglass cloth, which is then made into different products by different processes according to different needs.

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