Fire resistance of glass fabric rolls

 2022-03-14 | View:208

Glass fabric roll is a new kind of inorganic material, which has excellent mechanical properties at high temperature, good resistance to chemical erosion and low thermal conductivity. glass fabric roll is the world's latest ultra-lightweight high temperature refractory fiber, is the whole Al2O,-SiO, is one of the refractory fiber, the use of temperature in 1350-1500C, 200-300C higher than the glass fiber.

The fire resistance of glass fabric rolls

The fire resistance of glass fabric rolls refractory fiber is not the same as the highest service temperature in concept. It can be seen from A1, O3-sio2 binary phase diagram that the temperature below the liquid-solid phase line is its refractoriness, which can also be called high temperature anti-melting temperature or high temperature anti-softening temperature. The highest service temperature is determined by several indicators of refractory fiber, such as fiber shrinkage, fiber crystallization, fiber grain size, etc. Generally speaking, when refractory fiber products are used alone, only the service temperature of the fiber is used instead of the refractoriness.

In refractory materials, Al2O, content is greater than 38%, its refractoriness is in 1580-1750C, under normal circumstances, its highest service temperature is 300-350C lower than refractoriness. The content of Al2O of refractory fiber is more than 38%, and its refractoriness is about 1750C, but the maximum service temperature is very different from it.

Because of its good chemical corrosion resistance, glass fabric rolls can be used for environmental protection and recycling technology. The mechanical properties, wear resistance and hardness of the composites are improved and the linear expansion coefficient is reduced due to the good wetness and small interfacial reaction between the glass fiber fabric and the metal matrix.