Features and advantages of fiberglass cloth for sale

 2022-04-02 | View:240

Fiberglass cloth for sale is made of high-performance fiberglass. It is an inorganic non-metallic material with good insulation and high mechanical strength, so fiberglass cloth for sale is very popular and can be made into a variety of products according to demand.

fiberglass cloth for sale

Fiberglass cloth for sale is more resistant to heat than organic fiber and has many advantages. First of all, it has high tensile strength, small elongation, high elastic coefficient, and good rigidity, so it is made into various shapes, and its tensile strength is also very high, it can absorb a lot of impact energy, impact resistance, and because it is inorganic fiber, not easy to ignite, and good chemical resistance, not easy to corrosion, water absorption is also very small, moisture resistance, whether made into strands, bundles, felt, weaving and other different forms of products can be, transparent and transparent, the price is also very cheap, so in all industries are very popular. Fiberglass cloth for sale is not only used for some craft products but also in the construction industry, as an external insulation layer to increase strength, moisture, and fire resistance. Fiberglass cloth for sale is less prone to warpage, flame retardant, and deformation, so it has great potential.

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