Different ways of fiberglass woven fabric

 2022-02-14 | View:246

Fiberglass fabrics have different weaves, usually including plain weave carbon, twill woven carbon fiber, and satin woven carbon fiber, as described below:

Plain carbon fibre - cheaper and least soft, but holds together well when cut.

Twill braided carbon fibre - a compromise between plain and satin braided; Moderate strength and flexibility required for cosmetics.

plain weave carbon

Satin braided carbon fibre - medium strength. Having a filler yarn that floats on 3 to 7 warp yarns and is sewn under another; Produce flat fabrics.

No matter which weave you choose, all fiberglass woven fabrics on our site can be used with resin. When used together, the fabric and resin form chemical bonds that form hard composite parts, such as ship hulls, commonly known as glass fibers. Technically, it's a fiberglass composite. Fiberglass composites are commonly used in Marine, aerospace and structural applications.

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