Production technology of fiberglass woven fabric

 2022-01-24 | View:753

The production technology of fiberglass woven fabric includes crucible drawing method and pool kiln drawing method. At present, the proportion of pool kiln drawing is about 94%. Drawing machine is the key equipment in the process of glass fiber fabric forming, its role is to drain the liquid glass out of the leakage plate high-speed stretching, and according to a certain direction winding molding, the performance and precision of drawing machine directly affect the fiber quality.

technology of fiberglass woven fabric

Due to the excellent properties of light weight, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant, sound absorption, electrical insulation and a certain degree of functional designability, glass fiber reinforced plastics have gradually replaced steel, aluminum, wood and other traditional materials in many application fields and developed into widely used functional and structural reinforcement materials. Therefore, carbon fiber woven fabrics are widely used in transportation, construction, electronic appliances, pipelines, chemical industry, environmental protection, national defense and other fields.

Glass fiber industry chain: Compared with the downstream composite material enterprises, the upstream raw material enterprises have significant homogeneity, high concentration and stronger periodicity. Fiberglass reinforced plastics are mainly used in automotive, construction and electrical and electronic fields, of which automotive and construction applications respectively account for about 1/3 of the total application, electrical and electronic applications account for about 15%.

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