What are the features and uses of plain weave carbon?

 2021-12-27 | View:844

The characteristic of plain weave carbon is that the warp and weft are interwoven in the law of one up and one down, that is, the warp and weft yarn is interlaced every other yarn, so the interwoven point is many, the fabric is firm, wear-resistant, stiff and smooth, but the elasticity is small and the luster is general. The fiber bundle of this kind of CFRP is always in the state of up and down, the fiber bending point is more, and the elongation is higher in the tensile process. At the same time, eye holes appear due to the sliding of fiber bundles at the interweaving points of two adjacent warp yarns and two adjacent weft yarns. Because the fiber bundles reflect differently along the warp and weft directions, plain woven fiber cloth can be observed to have a lattice-like appearance, similar to a chess board.

characteristic of plain weave carbon

carbon fiber woven fabric is mainly used for:

1, for aerospace: fuselage, rudder, rocket engine casing, solar panels, etc.;

2, used for sports equipment: car parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rod, feather flap, etc.;

3, used in industry: engine parts, concrete structure reinforcement material, drive shaft, and electrical parts and so on;

4, for fire: suitable for troops, fire, steel mills and other special class of high-grade fire clothing production;

5, concrete, metal pipe reinforcement.

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