Features and functions of fiberglass tape products?

 2021-12-20 | View:884

Features of fiberglass tape products

1,good temperature resistance (-50℃ ~ 200℃), strong adhesion, strong toughness tear resistance, solvent resistance and other characteristics, glass cloth high temperature resistant tape is used in H class heat resistant insulation binding, flexible circuit plate and ceramic components fixed and other high strength insulation protection.

2, it is the most heat resistant and the highest toughness in textile products, glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can effectively absorb electrical insulating paint and resin. Glass cloth tape has a very high binding capacity,

3, glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can withstand the high temperature of 200℃. Adhesive tape tear resistance, good form, high temperature flame retardant adhesive;

4, fiberglass woven fabric high temperature resistant tape is used for coil sealing and fixing, and used as wire core, outer layer and insulation between wires;

5, the use of tape performance can replace 3M-69,P212,TESA4618 and other imported glass cloth tape.

 high temperature fiberglass tape

The role of glass cloth tape products

1. High temperature fiberglass tape induction furnace power supply, electrical insulation of lead line;

2. Application of high temperature fiberglass tape, high temperature and heat resistant tape is used to fix non-stick high temperature insulator;

3. Flame retardant glass cloth tape is also used as a fixed fireproof tape;

4. Replace tape requiring high temperature;

5. Repair and strengthen insulation of mine equipment;

6. Used for strengthening insulation under heavy load and high temperature environment;

7. Silicone rubber belt for anti-friction, wear and other mechanical protection;

8. H class dry transformer lead wire.

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