Advantages of carbon fiber cloth fabric

 2021-11-29 | View:1089

We specialize in high performance fiber weaving and its research and development of composite materials, including carbon fiber cloth fabric, aramid cloth, aromatic carbon/carbon fiber, carbon fiber cloth, plate and the glass fiber materials, various types of objects, presoak material, widely used in wind power blades, sporting goods, automotive, medical supplies, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, aerospace and other fields. So what does carbon fiber cloth need to have?

carbon fiber cloth fabric

Advantages of carbon fiber cloth fabric:

1, soft: 3k carbon fiber fabric is very soft, can be arbitrarily cut, suitable for various shapes of members.

2, Small thickness: easy to cross and overlap. It can be formed by winding, which has more obvious advantages in strengthening all kinds of curved surfaces and special-shaped components.

3, light weight: the weight is about 1/5 of steel, basically does not increase the weight of components.

4, high tensile strength: tensile strength ≥3400Mpa, equivalent to the same section of ordinary steel 6 ~ 10 times.

5, high modulus: the tensile elastic modulus of carbon fiber composite material is higher than that of steel, and the same effect can be obtained by using carbon fiber cloth and steel plate reinforcement.

6, supporting carbon fiber bottom adhesive permeability is very good, can be closely bonded with the surface of reinforced concrete, construction quality is easy to ensure. Moreover, it can prevent the infiltration of harmful medium and protect the internal structure. The construction is simple, without large construction machines and tools, can be lap bonding arbitrary extension, no open fire operation, short period of time.

7, non-toxic, no irritating smell, living can still be constructed.

Application range of carbon fiber woven fabric

1, concrete beam bending and inspection reinforcement, plate bending reinforcement, column seismic reinforcement, etc.

2, factory buildings, buildings, schools, hospitals and other industrial and civil building reinforcement.

3, Strengthening roads and Bridges, water conservancy, nuclear power and energy infrastructure.