Does fiberglass woven fabric belong to special textiles?

 2021-11-03 | View:1173

Fiberglass cloth factory after more than 60 years of development, there are four categories of glass fiber products, namely reinforced thermosetting plastics (FRP) with glass fiber materials, reinforced thermoplastic plastics (FRTP) with glass fiber materials, roofing waterproof glass fiber materials and textile glass fiber materials. FRP and FRTP glass fiber materials belong to the industrial base material of FRP composite materials. The fiberglass composite industry is the largest market for fiberglass, and its fiberglass consumption accounts for about 70%-80% of the total fiberglass products.

areas of fiberglass fabric roll

In the world, the main application areas of fiberglass fabric roll are: transportation 29%, construction 19%, industry, agriculture 16%, electrical/electronics 13%, and others 23%. Glass fiber materials for roofing waterproofing. Currently, the glass fiber used for roofing waterproofing materials in the world is about 400,000 tons, mainly a variety of glass fiber felt products. Textile glass fiber materials are mainly used in electronics, electrical industry, filter fabric, reinforced plastic fabric, high temperature resistant fabric, decorative fabric and so on.

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