What is 4oz fiberglass cloth used for?

 2023-02-08 | View:328

What are the applications of 4oz fiberglass cloth in life? At present, the fiber cloth on the market can be divided into many kinds according to the material, among which the most widely used is fiberglass cloth. The following is a brief introduction to the uses of 4oz fiberglass cloth in the field of construction.

Because of its suitable price and good performance, fiberglass cloth is often used in reinforcing materials, filtration materials, insulation materials, sound insulation materials, reinforcing matrix materials and so on.

4oz fiberglass cloth

Listed below are the main uses of fiberglass mesh cloth in the field of construction.

1. External wall insulation system

Wipe the first layer of plaster on the external wall insulation board, and then spread the glass fiber mesh cloth as a strengthening layer, and then cover the layer. This avoids surface cracks that may result from external temperature fluctuations, mortar shrinkage, and insulation board movement. Glass fiber mesh cloth ensures the stability of exterior wall insulation system.

2. Waterproof material

Fiberglass cloth after asphalt treatment can be used as a waterproof material for the new and old layers. Similarly, organic resins can be used to coat fiberglass webs with asphalt, tar or cement to form waterproof roofing layers for old and new houses. Fiberglass mesh is also used to reinforce cast-in-place epoxy asphalt or acrylic waterproof rolls. Irregular surfaces or slopes can be reinforced with special mesh fabric made of fiberglass bulked yarn. This mesh cloth can effectively absorb waterproof material, so as to prevent the waterproof material dripping, to help its uniform distribution.

Fiberglass cloth and our lives are closely related, its use is far from only in the field of construction, transportation, industry and other industries have its figure. If you need to know about 4oz fiberglass cloth, please contact us.