What is 6oz fiberglass cloth made of?

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Do you know about 6oz fiberglass cloth? In fact, 6oz fiberglass cloth is used in the construction process of building walls, which can avoid cracks in walls, and is also applicable in the field of ships and vehicles, etc. What kind of material is 6oz fiberglass cloth?

6oz fiberglass cloth

6oz fiberglass cloth is the use of recycled waste glass as raw materials for the secondary processing of the need to go through high-temperature melting, and then drawing, yarn, weaving, and other processes, heating to produce fiber cloth. The diameter of the fiberglass cloth monofilaments is very small, no more than one-fifth the size of a hair, and each bundle of raw fiber will use thousands of these monofilaments combined, so in all aspects of the characteristics are very good, and can even be used as a steel bar.

6oz fiberglass cloth has excellent weather resistance and can be used at -196°C and up to 300°C. It has non-stick properties, so you don't have to worry about gaseous substances sticking to it, and it also has good chemical resistance, allowing it to be used in strong acids, alkalis, and aqua regia. It also has good performance in terms of coefficient of friction, light transmission, insulation, strength, and resistance to chemicals, and it absorbs heat and blocks fire even when burning under the flame.

What types of glass fiber cloth are there?

1. By composition

There are medium alkali, non-alkali, and high alkali, glass fiber cloth in the production process, there are some alkaline metal oxides added internally, which will be distinguished according to the amount added and composition, because there are too many varieties, and can only be simply divided into medium and high alkali and non-alkali.

2. According to the manufacturing process

There are two types of glass fiber cloth: crucible drawing and pool kiln drawing. When glass fiber cloth is made, it needs to be hot-melted and drawn into very fine monofilaments, so there are two types of operation: crucible and pool kiln.

3. By type

There are stranded yarns, direct yarns, and jet yarns, which are distinguished by the diameter and twist of the monofilaments of the glass fiber fabric.

The above is the introduction of 6oz fiberglass cloth, I believe that you already know about glass fiber cloth, if you want to know more related knowledge, you can contact us directly.