Introduction and application of 6oz fiberglass cloth

 2022-07-12 | View:609

The main material of 6oz fiberglass clothis glass thread, which is a kind of plain weave fabric of roving yarn without twists. It is made of excellent glass raw materials by a series of processes such as high-temperature melting, drawing and winding, weaving, etc., the main strength is in the direction of warp and weft. If high strength is required in the warp or weft direction, a one-way cloth can be woven. 6oz fiberglass cloth is smooth and beautiful in appearance, even in density and softness, even on an uneven surface. 6oz fiberglass cloth can be divided into expanded 6oz fiberglass cloth and non-expanded 6oz fiberglass cloth.

6oz fiberglass cloth

Bulky 6oz fiberglass cloth is made of bulky fiberglass yarn, which has good insulating properties and lightweight. Different insulation characteristics can be achieved by changing the fabric structure and treatment method. Commonly used in movable insulation cover, fire blanket, fire curtain, expansion joint, and smoke exhaust pipe. It can process aluminum foil-covered bulky glass fiber cloth. Non-bulky 6oz fiberglass cloth is woven from continuous glass fiber yarns. It has the characteristics of a soft and fine cloth surface. It can be directly used in industrial heat preservation and fire prevention, and also can be used as the base cloth of glass fiber coated fabric.

There are so many typical applications of 6oz fiberglass cloth, such as fire curtains, fire suits, fire blankets, welding blankets, fire smoke curtains, fire blankets, and ship-to-ship construction and repair, where the petrochemical enterprises have to insulate, insulate and weld metal structures, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, energy, metallurgy, large-scale power generation equipment, electrical insulation, cement, machinery, construction, and other fields.

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