The difference between 6oz fiberglass cloth and glass in materials

 2022-07-06 | View:320

The main material difference between 6oz fiberglass cloth and glass is due to the difference in formulation due to different material requirements during manufacture. Flat glass has a silicon dioxide content of about 70-75%, while fiberglass silicon dioxide content is generally less than 60%.

6oz fiberglass cloth

Glass is an inorganic material that has been melted at high temperatures. It does not chemical reaction below the softening point temperature. Above the softening point temperature, only softening, melting or decomposition, there will be no combustion phenomenon.

6oz fiberglass cloth is made by drawing the glass into very thin glass fibers, which are then very flexible. The glass yarn is spun into a yarn, which is then woven into a 6oz fiberglass cloth by a loom. Because the glass wire is extremely fine, the unit mass of the surface area is very large, so the temperature resistance performance has declined. Just as a candle can melt the fine copper wire.

But glass does not burn. The burning that we can see is actually intended to improve the performance of 6oz fiberglass cloth while coating the surface of 6oz fiberglass cloth with a resin material, or an attached impurity. Pure 6oz fiberglass cloth or coated with some heat-resistant paint can be used to make products such as fire-resistant clothing, fire-resistant gloves, and fire-resistant blankets. But if direct contact with the skin, the broken fibers on the skin the greater irritation, it will be very itchy.

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