Application and characteristics of 4oz fiberglass cloth?

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4oz fiberglass cloth is one of the most popular surface fabrics.

4oz fiberglass cloth is made from old glass or glass balls and is made in four steps: melting, drawing, winding, and weaving. Each bundle of fiber precursor is composed of many monofilaments, each monofilament diameter is only a few microns, a bit larger than 20 microns. Fiberglass cloth is hand-pasted fiberglass base material, it is plain fabric, the main strength is to rely on the fabric's warp and weft direction. One-way cloth can be made with high longitudinal or zonal strength, so let's take a look at the use of a 4oz fiberglass cloth.

4oz fiberglass cloth

Its main uses are as follows:

1. The transportation industry, the application of buses, yachts, oil tankers, cars, and so on.

2. In the construction industry, the application of the kitchen, beams, decorative panels, fences, and so on.

3. In the field of the petrochemical industry, it is applied to pipelines, anti-corrosion material, storage tanks, acid resistance, alkali, organic solvent, etc.

The mechanical industry, the application of artificial teeth and artificial bone, aircraft structure, mechanical parts, etc.

Tennis rackets, fishing poles, bows and arrows, swimming pools, bowling alleys, etc. are also used in daily life.

4oz fiberglass cloth classification

1. There are direct yarn, jet yarn, and ply yarn according to variety.

2. The manufacturing process is divided into crucible wire drawing, and pool kiln wire drawing.3.According to the composition of alkali, medium alkali, high alkali.

4oz fiberglass cloth features

1. Anti-ultraviolet and anti-static.

2. Good mechanical properties, high strength.

3. Resistance to aqua regia, strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvent corrosion.

4. Don't stick to anything.

5. It can be used between 196°and 300°.

6. Good light transmittance.

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