What is the difference between carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric?

 2021-07-28 | View:1250

In the reinforcement of building structures, bonding fiber composite materials to enhance the bearing capacity and durability of the structure has been more and more widely recognized, its advantages are short construction period, small impact on the original structure, do not increase the weight of the structure. Through the continuous development of reinforcement materials, fiber composite materials are a huge family, the most commonly used fiber composite materials in reinforcement are carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric, they have different characteristics and uses. What is the difference between carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric?

Although carbon fiber fabric and aramid fiber fabric are high-quality fiber composite materials, their strength is different. For example, the tensile strength of carbon fiber fabric is up to 3,400 MPa, while the tensile strength of aramid fiber fabric is only 2,100 MPa. In terms of mechanical properties, carbon fiber fabric has advantages over aramid fiber fabric, but both of them can satisfy the cohesive failure of concrete and prevent the peeling failure in actual use.

carbon fiber fabric

Carbon fiber sheeting has electrical conductivity, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether carbon fiber sheeting can be used when there are strict requirements for electricity in the reinforcement site. Aramid fabric does not conduct electricity and is suitable for electrically charged environments. If the subway tunnel needs the insulation reinforcement material, must use the aramid fiber fabric not choose the carbon fiber fabric. In addition, aramid fiber fabric has better toughness and impact resistance than carbon fiber fabric, which is more suitable for a dynamic load environments.

In the reinforcement of building structure, we should choose the suitable fiber composite material for reinforcement according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, carbon fiber fabric can meet the needs of most buildings, and the strength and safety factor is higher, a fiber composite in the main selection of materials. CFRP reinforcement includes CFRP sheet reinforcement and CFRP sheet reinforcement. Among them, CFRP sheet reinforcement is another new structural reinforcement technology following the increase of concrete section and steel bonding.