What are the characteristics of plain weave carbon fabric

 2021-06-17 | View:1369

Everyone knows there are a lot of plain weave carbon fabricclassification criteria, such as the type specification, such as weaving ways the previous period to introduce you to the classifying carbon fiber cloth fabric, common are plain weave carbon fabric, twill carbon fiber carbon cloth and forging lines species such as carbon fiber carbon cloth, today is mainly to introduce what is the distinguishing feature of plain weave carbon?

plain weave cloth fabric

What is plain weave carbon? What are the features?

The characteristic of plain weave cloth fabric is that the warp and weft are interwoven by the law of one up and one down, that is, the warp and weft yarn interlace once every other yarn, so the interweaving point is many, the fabric is firm, wear-resistant, stiff, smooth, but the elasticity is small, the luster is general. The fiber bundle of the plain weave cloth fabric is always in the state of ups and downs, the fiber bending point is more, and the elongation is higher in the process of stretching. At the same time due to the adjacent two warp yarns and adjacent two weft interlaced points due to the sliding of the fiber bundle there are eye holes. Because the fibers are reflected differently in the warp and weft directions, plain woven fibers have a lattice appearance, similar to that of a chess board.

The above is about the nature and characteristics of plain weave carbon fabric.