What is carbon fiber fabic?

 2021-05-21 | View:1253

Carbon fiber fabric is a three-dimensional fabric made up of carbon fiber cloth and continuous carbon fiber in the vertical direction. The fabric is woven into a whole through a special weaving process. The carbon/carbon composites made by CVD are very suitable for high energy thermal structural functional materials.

carbon fiber fabric

Carbon fiber fabric has two characteristics: integrity and excellent mechanical structure. From weaving, composite to finished products, no layering, no machining, or only do not operate a small amount of fiber processing, thus maintaining the integrity of the products. It improves the whole strength and stiffness, and has good ablation resistance and damage resistance.

Carbon fiber fabric is a new type of composite material born in the past 20 years. It is a new rising star in the composite material, the structural property of the laminate improves the mechanical properties of the composite, and overcomes the disadvantages of low shear strength and easy delamination of the traditional laminates, it has been widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military industry, automobile, medical treatment and advanced sports server.