What are the main characteristics of 6oz fiberglass cloth?

 2022-12-05 | View:506

6oz fiberglass clothis actually a very common material. It is widely used due to its durability and corrosion resistance, which is mainly related to its own chemical properties.

6oz fiberglass cloth

1. It can be used between -196°C and 300°C without any change in the properties of the fabric.

2. Non-adhesive. 6oz fiberglass clothdoes not stick to other substances in the process of use, which is a difference between it and other fabrics.

3. Corrosion resistance. Because of the stable nature of 6oz fiberglass cloth, it will not affect the distribution of substances in general, even if it is a strong acid, strong alkali or even corrosive solvent will not affect it.

4. low coefficient of friction. 6oz fiberglass clothbecause of its relatively low coefficient of friction, so it has no need to use any lubricant to achieve a very lubricious effect.

5. High light transmission. 6oz fiberglass clothhas a light transmission rate of 6 to 10 percent. 6.

6. High insulation. 6oz fiberglass clothhas a high degree of insulation, but also effective protection against ultraviolet radiation, and a certain degree of protection against static electricity.

7. High toughness. We use 6oz fiberglass clothin industrial production because it is very tough and does not break easily.

8. Strong resistance to chemicals.

The above are the main characteristics of 6oz fiberglass cloth, hope to help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.