6oz fiberglass cloth cuts into high energy consumption and high emissions

 2022-08-09 | View:71

Like the production of cement, glass, and ceramics, the production of 6oz fiberglass cloth is made by kiln method after the ore is burned, which requires a certain amount of energy, such as electricity and natural gas. Recently, local governments have basically stopped approving 6oz fiberglass cloth kiln projects due to the pressure of dual control targets, and even Guangdong and Jiangsu have added 6oz fiberglass cloth industries to the“Double-height” control list.

6oz fiberglass cloth

Objectively speaking, compared with the high energy consumption of cement and the like, the energy consumption of the manufacturing process of 6oz fiberglass cloth is really nothing compared to the energy consumption of the production process, whether it is roving or spinning, the direct comprehensive energy consumption per ton of yarn in pond kiln process is less than 0.5 ton of standard coal. The biggest problem is that outdated processes that have been phased out are resurgent because of market demand. According to the association, in many parts of the country, ceramic fiberglass, which had been phased out in the past, has been driven by huge profits and is now spreading rapidly. There are even mobile production lines and underground production lines. Although the production of 6oz fiberglass cloth is made using high-efficiency textile equipment such as air-jet looms, sewing looms and high-speed rapier looms, the production process consumes little energy and pollutes little, but at the same time, there are a large number of low-end counterfeit glass fiber products mesh cloth long-term flooding the market and other issues.

After years of development, the product quality of our fiberglass enterprises has been at the upstream level.