Three different applications of 4oz fiberglass cloth

 2022-08-04 | View:27

4oz fiberglass cloth has good alkali resistance, flexibility, as well as latitude and longitude high tensile strength, and can be widely used in building walls, thermal insulation, waterproof, fire, crack resistance, etc...

4oz fiberglass cloth

1. Interior wall insulation

The interior wall insulation and alkali-resistant fiberglass cloth are made of alkali-based or alkali-free 4oz fiberglass cloth and coated with a modified acrylate copolymer adhesive. Lightweight, high strength, high-temperature resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking, size stability, and so on. Can effectively avoid the surface tension of the entire layer of plastering shrinkage and cracking caused by external forces, thin mesh cloth is often used for wall renovation and insulation.

2. External wall insulation

The exterior wall thermal insulation mesh cloth is a new type of alkali-resistant product, which is made of 4oz fiberglass cloth, which is woven from medium-alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn, and then dried by coating acrylic acid copolymer solution. The product has a stable structure, high strength, good alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, and other characteristics, the best reinforcement effect, and construction are simple and easy. Mainly applicable to cement, gypsum, walls, buildings, and other structures inside and outside surface strengthening, anti-cracking is a new type of external wall insulation engineering building materials.

3. Reinforcements

GRC products are made of 4oz fiberglass cloth, which is treated with polymer alkali-resistant emulsion. The product has high strength, good alkali resistance, and can resist the decay of alkaline substances for a long time, it is an ideal reinforcing material for cement concrete products, GRC wallboard, and GRC members.